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What to Consider When Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Assuming you are arrested for a crime, the best advice is to always remember the Miranda warning.

Why? Because “…you have the right to remain silent. Because anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” This is your right to silence. Exercise it! Remain silent and do not try to defend yourself whether guilty or innocent.

So who speaks for you if you decide to maintain your right to silence as you should? An attorney. Simply because “…you have the right to an attorney.” 

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Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer/Attorney

Federal vs. State Crimes

Know if the individual is being charged with a state crime or a federal crime and this will help you know what criminal defense lawyer to hire. Is s(he) a criminal defense lawyer versed in just Florida cases or a criminal defense lawyer versed in federal and state cases as well?


Time is of the essence when one is charged with a crime. It is noteworthy to recognize if the type of crime s(he) is charged with is minor wrongdoing (a misdemeanor) or a crime more serious and weightier than minor wrongdoing (a felony). Once you know which, act fast so that the individual arrested does not suffer for something that could have been resolved in the shortest time possible.

Professional Work Experience and Reputation

You need to know how long the criminal defense lawyer you are about to hire has worked criminal defense cases, what type of criminal cases s(he) has defended, how many of those cases s(he) has won and her/his character and standing.

Freelancer or Corporate

The case can get difficult along the way especially for a felony so it is best to know if the criminal defense lawyer is a freelancer or if s(he) works as a team or for an organization that can easily assign more lawyers to the case if it gets difficult.

Case Presentation

It is also wise to find out how the criminal defense lawyer presents a criminal case or any other case at a court proceeding. Doing this will help you examine in a detailed fashion how s(he) takes legal action repeatedly and not as a one-off.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is a break or mar situation because if things go south, an innocent individual could end up spending months or years in jail for a crime s(he) did not commit. This is why it is important to consider these factors before hiring any lawyer to defend a criminal case in court.

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