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Free Consultation: 941-479-2255

Our Law Firm is Here to Help in Wrongful Death

If someone you love was involved in a car accident that resulted in wrongful death, we want to help. We understand that car accidents are physically, emotionally, and financially difficult to handle. At Dino Law, we are here to help in wrongful death.

In the Sarasota, Florida area, residents and visitors are involved in an average of 5,000 accidents per year. As more people relocate to Sarasota, this number has only been increasing. Often times, car accidents in Sarasota are the result of seasonal residents or visitors who don’t know the roads or traffic laws of the area. Sometimes car accidents that result in injury or death are not the fault of the victim. If you or someone you love was involved in a car accident, Dino Law knows how to help. We approach every case with compassion and respect and strive to provide clients with compensation for their medical costs and damaged property.

Unfortunately, after a car accident, victims may find that their insurance companies aren’t interested in compensating for pain and suffering. Insurance companies may instead minimize their expenses at your expense. Claims for damaged or destroyed vehicles, lost wages, and medical costs are either delayed or denied, and Dino Law doesn’t want to let that happen you to.

Our team is made up of skilled and professional lawyers who have experience working with wrongful death cases related to car accidents. We also use a contingency fee basis for all personal injury cases, meaning you have no costs and we only take out fees if we are successful. To receive a free initial consultation, you can reach Dino Law Attorneys at Law by calling 941-216-1496.

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