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Truck Accidents

Accidents between commercial trucks and automobiles or motorcycles can go badly for the auto or motorcycle passengers and drivers. The heavy weight and large size of many commercial trucks increases the likelihood that victims of accidents will suffer severe injuries or death. Commercial trucking companies and their drivers are legally required to follow federal and state trucking regulations and traffic laws when they are on the road. Unfortunately, drivers may break laws because they are late for a delivery or want to drive more than the allowed hours in a day. This makes them negligent and they are legally liable for their actions.

When a commercial truck is involved in an accident, there are any number of parties who can be held liable for an accident or wrongful death:

  • The truck driver who speeds, is reckless, or negligent
  • The driver’s trucking company
  • A freight company responsible for the truck’s cargo if the cargo is found to have contributed to the accident
  • The truck’s owner, including attached trailers for semis
  • Any manufacturer, distributor, or original designer of any defective parts found on the truck which contributed to the accident
  • Any maintenance company who worked on the truck inadequately or failed to perform required maintenance

Dino Law has attorneys who are experts in commercial truck law. We understand the amount of evidence needed to successfully win a legal claim against a commercial truck company or its drivers. We can help our clients sort out the evidence needed, review maintenance records, retain experts, and even reconstruct the accident to show the commercial company or its driver were negligent. If you have been involved in an accident with a commercial truck, or have a loved one who has been injured or killed in such an accident, contact Dino Law today for a consultation.