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Property Insurance Claims

In the state of Florida, protecting your home with property insurance is important due to the possibility of severe weather and other factors. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not always willing to pay what you are due for an insurance claim. Dino Law can be your advocate to work with insurance companies to get you the money you deserve, and can represent you in court if need be to win your claim.

Insurance Companies

If you have filed an insurance claim, be very aware that the insurance company adjuster is not working on your behalf, but rather for the benefit of the insurance company. Their interest is paying you the least amount possible for your claim, or denying it outright. Before we describe typical property insurance disputes, let us offer you some things the insurance company can do to reduce their liability or costs:

  • Advise you not to hire an attorney. Most homeowners don’t know all the particulars of their insurance policy, but rest assured the adjusters do. Insurance companies or their adjusters will try to prevent homeowners from hiring an attorney to work on their behalf, claiming it will cost the homeowner more than they gain. This is not true, particularly when the insurance company is trying to deny your claim.
  • Home damage or personal injury is stressful and can be expensive for the victims. Insurance companies can use this to their advantage by offering a low quick settlement offer in exchange for a release from further claims. Don’t sign it! If you find more damage later, regardless of how much it costs, the insurance company will not be liable for it.
  • Another tactic is to delay the claim settlement excessively. People can become desperate when they don’t get the money they need to rebuild their lives, and over time can agree to low settlements due to the stress involved. Using Dino Law as your attorneys can help reduce that stress.
  • The insurance company may ask for a quick settlement soon after the damage or injury occurs. People can act too quickly to settle and will not get the money they deserve while they are still stressed by the recent disaster or loss of their home and property.
  • If an injury has occurred, insurance companies may ask for a medical authorization to review medical records. This authorization can give them permission to pull your medical records from every doctor you have ever seen. This can allow them to find whether your injury may not be a result of an accident but rather a pre-existing condition. Never sign a medical authorization from any insurance company until you speak with Dino Law.

Typical property insurance claim issues with insurance companies include: