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Free Consultation: 941-524-1272

Civil Litigation

Legal issues are common, but finding ethical and quality legal support can be difficult. Dino Law can give you the results you need when involved in a civil legal issue. Litigation takes time and money, and a law firm with experience and integrity can make the difference between getting a satisfactory result or losing your case along with your time and money.

Dino Law offers the expertise to provide customized legal strategies for each client. We offer personalized service to each client, and will never treat you as number. We can assist individuals or businesses with their civil litigation. We have a positive reputation for our ability and ethical representation when representing our clients. Our knowledge of legal issues can be used to your advantage so you get the legal remedy you seek. Our civil law practice includes:

Business Disputes

Businesses can become entangled in disputes leading to a civil claim from another business. Dino Law can help clarify the legal issues for or against your business and represent your firm if the issue goes to court.

Construction Claims

Construction claims can occur quickly and be very expensive to your business. If you are sued for a construction claim, contact Dino Law quickly. We understand the legal issues concerning construction civil law and will assist you to fight or resolve them.

Some construction claims that can occur include:

  • Construction Delay Claims
  • Defaults
  • Defects
  • Contract Disputes and Drafts
  • Liens and Foreclosures
  • Surety Work
  • Title Disputes or Issues
  • Insurance Disputes or Claims

Our mission at Dino Law is to offer an exceptional level of customer service so your expectations are exceeded while your legal issues are resolved.

Business Creation and Formation

If you are creating a new business, expanding a partnership, or forming a new corporation there are legal issues that Dino Law can sort out for you. We can assist in creating documentation for corporations, partnerships, LLCs or other entities. We can make sure your interests are represented when adding partners to an existing business. Contact Dino Law before you start any new business.

Contract Disputes

When businesses or individuals sign contracts, disputes can later occur when one party believes the contract has been violated. Contact Dino Law when you are involved in a contract dispute and let us represent your interests. We will work diligently to resolve the dispute to your satisfaction.

Liens or Foreclosures

If you or your business face a lien or foreclosure, contact Dino Law. We can sort out the legal issues and help you look for solutions to your lien/foreclosure problem. An unresolved lien or foreclosure can adversely affect your credit and ability to get financing. Let Dino Law get them resolved today.

Insurance Claims

If you are in a dispute with an insurance company which is not acting in good faith to resolve your claim, contact Dino Law. Perhaps you have an insurance claim that has not been resolved, or have seen an insurance payment far less than the amount of your loss. Even worse is an insurance claim that has been denied without adequate explanation. Dino Law can help you get the insurance payment you deserve. Contact our insurance attorneys today.

Personal Injuries

If you or someone you love has been injured due to the negligence of others, you have the right to seek legal remedies for the pain and suffering they have caused you. This is a personal injury claim, and Dino Law has the experience to act on your behalf when you need to bring a personal injury claim against another party. **We do not charge for our services unless we win the case, as we don’t feel the costs of personal injury litigation should keep people from getting the legal support they deserve.**

We can assist with personal injury claims for:

  • Automotive, motorcycle, bicycle, or truck accidents
  • Wrongful deaths
  • Product liability from faulty or defective products causing an injury
  • Premises liability if you are injured at a business location
  • Injuries as a pedestrian
  • Medical malpractice injuries
  • Injuries to your children
  • Nursing home abuse or negligence
  • VA medical malpractice

Dino Law attorneys are experienced and compassionate when dealing with our personal injury clients. We understand the pain and suffering you have been subjected to, and will work tirelessly to resolve your case as quickly as possible with a positive result for you.


There are times where mediation is a better solution than a court case to resolve personal or business disputes. Mediation is still binding to both parties, but can be less complex and less costly for all. Dino Law can provide mediation services recognized by the Circuit Court. Contact us today to determine if your legal action may be solved with our mediation services.